Business and Real Estate – Advice to Grow

Real Support Advisors TM

Our California attorneys provide guidance on crucial business decisions, such as the choice of entity for optimal business structure and asset protection. We assist in the preparation of custom business succession plans to ensure a smooth transition.

Starting a Business – Which Entity is Best?

We guide clients through the decision-making process, considering potential tax liabilities, business goals, and long-term strategies to make informed choices.

Business Succession Plan

Our expertise extends to developing comprehensive business succession plans, taking into account various scenarios such as family succession, third-party sales, and retirement planning. We ensure that these plans seamlessly integrate with the owner’s estate plan, minimizing tax exposure and facilitating a smooth transition of business operations.

Real Estate

We understand the complexities of the real estate market. With a strong emphasis on catering to the unique needs of small real estate investors, our services extend to various stakeholders, including buyers, sellers, agents, contractors, and more. Our comprehensive experience covers both the transactional and litigation aspects of real estate matters.

  • Drafting and reviewing leases, purchase-sale agreements, titles, deeds, and contracts
  • Negotiating improvements in current contracts for your benefit
  • Forming and modifying business entities to safeguard your property
  • Reviewing insurance contracts and enforcing coverage when necessary
  • Consulting on financing issues, including lending, investment agreements, and syndicates

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Our attorneys are skilled in handling complex cases related to real estate investments, property disputes, and more. We safeguard your business against wrongful actions and offer protection in various scenarios, such as environmental investigations, failed investments, fraud, and easement restrictions.